Kingdom Resources Christchurch

Taking the First Step’ is a transformational programme run from Kingdom Resources Christchurch office in Addington. The course is designed to empower, equip, and build confidence in women who are looking to gain employment and/or take a step forward in life. With the help of the Thankyou Charitable Trust, Kingdom Resources has been able to help women discover their strengths, goals, skills, passions, and direction for future employment. The programme involved lots of laughs, reflections, and new-found positivity as participants developed practical tools to navigate their future. Here are some quotes from attendees:

“It has honestly changed my life in such a short time. I’m a more confident, happy, valuable woman.”

”I found I have unlocked a lot of keys to my true self, and I feel more confident and motivated.”

“The course was the greatest gift I have ever received”.