About Us

A philanthropic foundation for Aotearoa

We are in the business of doing good

Our Story

Thankyou Payroll, is transitioning to steward ownership. This process – the first of its kind in NZ – involves the business buying equity from shareholders and donating that equity to Generous Ventures. This process will take place over the next 7 years –  by 2030, Thankyou Payroll will be fully owned by, Generous Ventures, a registered charity, with all its profit being used for good.  Thankyou Payroll stays the same, providing excellent payroll services, it’s just its ownership and use of profit that is changing.

We don’t yet know what ‘good’ we will use the money for. But we know it will meet a need, fulfil an opportunity and, like us, be ahead of the game.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been part of something new.  Since Thank You Payroll was set up in 2014, we – then called –  Thank You Charitable Trust was its philanthropic arm.  During this time, we donated more than $395,000 to 299 organisations across the motu, using a ground-breaking, pay-it-forward, community-led funding model. You can read more about our history and past recipients here (link).

Generous Ventures is proud to work in partnership with the staff, board and customers of Thankyou Payroll. Together we will demonstrate new ways of working to deliver positive outcomes for Aotearoa New Zealand.