Generous Ventures

A philanthropic foundation for Aotearoa 

We are in the business of doing good

Generous Ventures is a future-focused philanthropic trust working across Aotearoa New Zealand. Together with Thankyou Payroll, we are forging a new path, part of a global movement in which business profits are used for good.

Our strategy is emerging as Thankyou Payroll’s exit to steward ownership progresses. We anticipate being active funders in 2025.

At Generous Ventures we are passionate about making a difference in Aotearoa. With a focus on the future, we work alongside Thankyou Payroll to create positive change through philanthropy.

Our Philanthropic Journey

Generous Ventures started as the philanthropic arm of Thank You Payroll in 2014. Through our innovative and community-led funding model, we have donated over $395,000 to 299 organizations across the motu. Explore more about our history and impact.


Forging a New Path

Together with Thankyou Payroll, we are part of a global movement where business profits are used for good. We believe that by working together, we can deliver lasting and meaningful outcomes for Aotearoa New Zealand. Join us on this journey and help us shape a brighter future for our beautiful country.

The team at Generous Ventures are proud to work in partnership with the staff, board and customers of Thankyou Payroll. Together we will demonstrate new ways of working to deliver positive outcomes for Aotearoa New Zealand