Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Zealand

The Thankyou Charitable Trust supported the Christchurch branch of  Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Zealand. Our funding was used to train and support new volunteer mentors. Volunteer mentors make a big difference in the life of the young person they mentor. Tamariki with mentors experience an increase in self confidence,  make better life choices and have a more positive outlook on life. Here are a couple of real life examples:

Maiera and Greer met for the first time together over a hot chocolate to talk about all the things they can do together in the future, and they already have their own handshake too! They are looking forward to making Tik Tok videos, going for walks and exploring all our city has to offer.

When they met Hamish and Tobey hit it off immediately! They plan on going biking, watching movies, going to lots of parks, exploring the bike park, and especially lots and lots of talking and laughing. Tobey could not have had a bigger smile knowing that Hamish is now his big brother.